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17 December 2010
New York State Police Pilots New Safety Equipment
John P. Melville
Acting Superintendent
Lt. Glenn R. Miner
Director of Public Information
(518) 457-2180
Albany, NY – December 17, 2010 – The New York State Police announced today the implementation of a new less-lethal safety tool that troopers will have available when confronting violent individuals. State Police recently completed training in the use of Taser ECDs (Electronic Control Devices), and today troopers will begin a pilot program with some troopers carrying ECDs during each shift.
This safety equipment consists of 142 Taser model X-26 ECD units donated to the State Police last July through funding from the New York State Trooper Foundation. Under the pilot program a few troopers in each patrol area throughout the state will patrol with a unit and will be available to respond to assist other troopers in their area in the event of a violent or escalating confrontation.
Through many years of extensive testing and scrutiny, medical experts and independent governmental reports have concluded that these systems are among the safer use-of-force alternatives to subdue violent individuals who could harm law enforcement officers, innocent citizens or themselves. Traditional less-lethal law enforcement tools rely on pain compliance. Some individuals can overcome pain or may not respond to these other tools due to drug or alcohol use or emotional distress. Taser systems do not rely upon pain compliance, but instead provide Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) that immediately stops any coordinated movement by the subject. Recovery is instantaneous, and the Taser system simply provides a window of opportunity to stop or apprehend a potentially dangerous individual.
Law enforcement agencies that deploy this technology to the majority of their patrol officers have seen dramatic decreases in suspect and officer injuries. Similarly, the State Police hopes to reduce injuries to troopers and the violent subjects they encounter.

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