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25 June 2013

     The State Police in Elbridge hold active warrants on the below listed subjects.  In most cases these people have failed to pay fines or have failed to appear in court after having been arrested.  The State Police are requesting the public’s assistance in locating these people.  Anyone who can provide information regarding any of these subjects is asked to contact the State Police at the Elbridge barracks at 689-6334.
NAME                                     LAST KNOWN ADDRESS                 COURT-CHARGE
ELONZIA ARMSTRONG      603 BELLEVUE AVE                           ELBRIDGE-
                                                SYRACUSE, NY                                  CRIMINAL
                                                                                                              POSSESSION OF
KAYLA BUSH                       216 LAKEVIEW AVE                          SALINA-
                                                SYRACUSE, NY                                 CRIMINAL
JESUS CALDERO                  210 DUTTON AVE                             SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
CINQUAN COLLINS            159 BALLENTYNE RD                      SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
DYNELLE COTTRILL           6610 RIVER RD                                  ELBRIDGE-DWI
                                                JORDAN, NY
CLEO COWARD                   26 WEST LAKE AVE                         SKANEATELES-
                                                AUBURN, NY                                    AUO
CHATUMA CRAWFORD     440 KIRK AVE                                   SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
SEAN CUSHMAN                 108 EDDEN LANE                             ELBRIDGE-AUO
                                                EAST SYRACUSE, NY
TANIKKI GEORGE               811 MILTON AVE                             SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
BRIAN JOINER                      184 REMINGTON AVE                    SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
JAMILLE JONES                   1022 W. COLVIN ST                         CAMILLUS-
                                                SYRACUSE, NY                                UNAUTHORIZED
                                                                                                            USE OF A
STEVEN LADUE                    24 SLOCOMBE AVE                        SPAFFORD-DWI
                                                MARCELLUS, NY
JOSEPH LANDON                452 CR 8                                             ELBRIDGE-DWI
                                                FULTON, NY
MICHAEL LAPLANTY         1408 SPRING ST                                SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
ANTHONY NEALEY            1173 SR 5                                            ELBRIDGE-
                                                ELBRIDGE, NY                                  ASSAULT
QUMEKA PETTY                  3 LAFAYETTE PL                              ELBRIDGE-
                                                AUBURN, NY                                    FALSE
RAMON ROSARIO               421 TENNYSON AVE                       SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
THOMAS SESTA                   293 BARBER RD                                ELBRIDGE-
                                                ALTMAR, NY                                     AGGRAVATED
JORDAN SMITH                    708 W BRIGHTON AVE                    SYRACUSE-
                                                SYRACUSE                                         SUSPENDED
ROBERT THOMAS                3 GRAMPTON CT                             VAN BUREN-DWI
                                                LIVERPOOL, NY
MONIQUE THOMAS            3220 MIDLAND AVE                        SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
STEPHEN THORN                 2279 RT 37                                        MARCELLUS-AUO
                                                CENTRAL SQUARE, NY
CHRISTINE THURMAN       2618 MIDLAND AVE                          SYRACUSE-DWI
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
TIESHA WILLIAMS              153 BALLANTYNE RD                       SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY
DEVIN WILLIAMS                938 S MCBRIDE ST                            SYRACUSE-AUO
                                                SYRACUSE, NY

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