REMINDER: MEDIA ADVISORY:Investigators from around the world train in Albany at annual homicide seminar hosted by New York State Police


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The New York State Police this week hosted the 30th Annual Colonel Henry F. Williams International Homicide Seminar. During the four day conference presenters are sharing their expertise on some of the biggest cases in the United States.
From cold to high profile cases such as Medgar Evers, the BTK killer and the Sandy Hook shooting, experts have been presenting to attendees who represent departments from across the US, as well as countries such as Canada, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Germany.
The seminar is an important instrument for training the national and international law enforcement community in forensic sciences and technology.
A member of the State Police will be available for interview at 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at the New York State Police Academy (Building 24 on the State Office Campus). Media should arrive no later than 10:40 a.m.

There will be an opportunity to take video of the seminar following the interview. Media should arrive prior to 10:55 a.m. for video. At that time, Dr. Michael Baden will be speaking on the Medgar Evers case. Dr. Baden is a board-certified forensic pathologist and has been involved as an expert in many cases of international interest such as the Drew Peterson case, the O.J. Simpson trial and the deaths of celebrities John Belushi and Sid Vicious.
Henry Francis Williams, Jr. was sworn in as a New York State Trooper in 1951. He moved up the ranks and would eventually lead the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, sworn in as Colonel Hank in 1984.
The Williams Homicide Seminar is the result of the Colonel’s conversations with then Criminal Justice Director Lawrence Kurlander and Governor Mario Cuomo. When Colonel Williams passed away from cancer in 1986, the two leaders decided the Colonel’s idea for an international homicide seminar would take place. The first one was held in 1987. The “onetime-only” event has now seen more than 4,000 graduates.